1. The rules of procedure shall apply to all those located on the campsite. Failure to comply may result in removal of the campsite.

2. On arrival, the campers must register with the manager, who will designate the places, taking as much account as possible of the wishes of the camper. Everyone is obliged, on punishment by law, to immediately register at the reception upon their arrival, in possession of the identity cards of the persons who will/will stay overnight together with him/her. It is not allowed to let more people stay the night than previously agreed with the manager.

3. Payment shall be made on arrival or in consultation with the manager no later than 1 day before departure.

4. The manager shall designate the pitches. It may not be amended without its consent.

5. One camping unit is allowed per campsite. In consultation with the manager, a maximum of 1 side tent can be allowed.

6. For the sake of maintaining the terrain, it is not permitted to drive a vehicle over the campsite in wet weather or wet surfaces. The manager is happy to pull your caravan off the site if you foresee difficulties/track formation with your own car.

7. Dogs are welcome, but stay on a leash and are let out outside the campsite. Dogs should not cause any inconvenience to other campers.

8. For safety reasons, roads on the site must be free of obstacles at all times. It is therefore forbidden to park a vehicle on the paths.

9. Disposal of consumed water and chemical toilets shall be carried out only in the appropriate places, which are located near the toilet blocks.

10. Any disturbing noise is prohibited. The use of radio or other sound carriers should not disturb anyone.

11. Silence and rest should not be disturbed between 23:00 and 07:00. Vehicles are not allowed on the campsite during that time. The vehicle can then only be parked in the car park at the entrance. Exclusion: in case of emergency, e.g. illness or accident. Play and cycling will be stopped at 23:00.

12. Campers shall observe the fairness, the elolority and the public tranquility. Extreme behaviour, including racism, will not be tolerated and may result in removal.

13. During the day, motorised traffic is permitted at a maximum speed of 5 km/h.

14. The entrepreneur undertakes to take appropriate measures after being notified by the holiday-maker of nuisance caused by other holiday-makers.

15. Liability.

1. The economic operator shall not be liable for an accident, theft or damage on his property, unless this is the result of an apparent defect attributable to the trader.

2. The entrepreneur shall not be liable for the consequences of extreme weather or other forms of force majeure.

3. The recreational operator shall be liable for failures in the part of the utilities, calculated from the takeover point, unless there is force majeure.

4. The recreational person shall be liable towards, opposite, to the entrepreneur for damage caused by the doing or abandoning of himself, the co-creators and/or third 3(s), insofar as the damage can be attributed to the holiday-maker, the co-creators and/or third(s).

16. Weapons, including bows and arrows or catapults are strictly prohibited. Children are not allowed to carry knives or matches. Likewise, fake weapons eloquently on a firearm appear to be strictly forbidden.

17. Interim termination by the entrepreneur and eviction in the event of an attributable deficiency and/or tort. The entrepreneur may terminate the contract with immediate effect:

1.If the recreational, co-creator(s) and/or third parties do not comply or comply with the obligations of the agreement, the rules contained in the accompanying information and/or the government regulations, despite prior warning, to such an extent that, according to the standards of reasonableness and fairness of the entrepreneur, the agreement cannot be required to continue.

2.If, despite the warning from the entrepreneur, the recreational operator causes nuisance to the entrepreneur and/or fellow recreationists, or spoils the good atmosphere on or in the immediate vicinity of the site.

3.If the camping equipment of the recreational device does not meet the safety standards.

4.Na notice, the holiday-maker must ensure that his place and/or camping equipment has been cleared and the site has been abandoned as soon as possible, but not later than 3hours and for the annual guests within 1 month of termination.

5.If the holiday maker fails to clear the site, the entrepreneur is entitled to clear the site.

6.De recreational remains in principle required to pay the agreed rate.

18. The entrepreneur has every right to maintain a good order on the campsite. The decisions taken by the entrepreneur in the case of violations will be without his liability.

19. The campsite is private land and the entrepreneur retains the right to deny guests access at all times.

20. On departure, the campsite must be delivered clean.

21. Waste must be deposited in the appropriate bins or containers. The campsite does separate collection.

22. Only in consultation with the entrepreneur may the campfire be produced. In no other place is it allowed to make campfire.

23. Barbecuing at the campsite is permitted under the following conditions: The barbecue is at a safe distance from the camping equipment and combustible materials. The barbecue is off the ground and stable. -The fire should always be managed in the presence of an adult. The fire must be completely extinguished when leaving the campsite or at bedtime. The use of kindling cubes is not allowed. -A full bucket of water or extinguishing blanket is present nearby. -The entrepreneur can ban the barbecue for safety reasons. (For example, in case of an unsuitable barbecue or in case of prolonged drought).

24. The tenant of a seasonal or annual place must keep the caravan and the place around it completely clean. The grass should be mowed regularly, in keeping with the paragon of the campsite.

25. The tenant has the right to stay here in accordance with the agreement and within the opening hours of the campsite.

26. The tenant must inform the entrepreneur in advance of his/her visit. This for security reasons.

27. No construction may be made without the entrepreneur’s permission, such as gardens, fencing, buildings, etc.

28. The built-up area of the rented piece must not exceed the legally required standards set by the Region wallonia, all the rules that are put to it can be found online or request from the entrepreneur, no discussion is possible.

29. The sale of your caravan to another does not give the new owner the right to use your pitch without the express and written consent of the entrepreneur.

30. The caravan may not be lent to third parties without the express consent of the entrepreneur.

31. Guests of the tenant must be notified to the entrepreneur in advance.

32. Both the entrepreneur and the year-old holders may terminate their contract before 31 October of each year without giving a reason, the camping equipment must then be removed before 31-12 of the same year and the place must be cleaned up and delivered without obstacles, this will not happen, then the entrepreneur will put the place in order at the expense of the holiday maker and pass on these costs.

33. Payments of annual funds must be paid in full before 07-01 of the new year, forward payments are not possible, in the case of incorrect payment, access to the campsite will be denied and the annual place will be vacated immediately.

1. If your holiday on Grand Bru is cancelled by us or yourself due to the Corona virus, you will receive a voucher worth the payment already made. This voucher can be used to pay for a trip with a later departure date. The voucher is valid for one year from the time of issue and can be used for all accommodations at Grand Bru.

You can therefore record another holiday within 1 year of issue and redeem your voucher. The arrival date should be 2020 or 2021. If you receive the voucher on 1 April, you will have until 1 April 2021 to book a new holiday with arrival in the year 2020 or 2021.

In the travel and recreation industry it has been agreed that no return on or full payments will be made.

2. The remuneration shall be reduced in reasonable ly and the refundable refund, if any overpaid, if, on the recommendation of the holiday-maker, the entrepreneur and a third party for the place conclude an agreement for the same period or part thereof. The entrepreneur is entitled to reimbursement of the administrative costs.

The camper must comply with the legal fire regulations, including:•Small appliances, such as using camping gas, not unattended;•Complying with the good code of practice concerning the installation of liquefied petroleum gas;•use a maximum of 2 gas cylinders for the supply of the various appliances;•Do not store full or empty gas cylinders;•Limit the length of the hose connecting the bottles to the appliances by up to a maximum of 2 m;•The hoses for the limitation date indicated on it or in case of damage (ruptured tube..) replaced;•placing clamping brackets at each end of the hose;•putting all gas cylinders on stand during the handling of the bottles do not smoke; •Do not use heating appliances with solid or liquid fuels without connecting to an external drain pipe in accordance with rules of art;•In the case of use of fixed or liquid fuel heaters ensure the proper ventilation of the premises (outdoor air);•Ensure the ventilation of the shower;•Maintain the various cooking and heating appliances;•Regularly clean the hoods;•May may have a extinguishing blanket and/or a fire extinguisher.


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